Here are a couple illustrations I was hired to do while the World Cup was happening: Clint Dempsey and Omar Gonzalez with superhero powers!


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It's animted GIF time again! Here's Wolvie tossing Kamala for a big slam. SKADOOSH!


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I was considering the purchase of some yellow dress shoes, and I thought to myself: They're like Batgirl shoes, except fancy men's shoes!

I didn't end up buying them, but that thought kept going until it spun out of control… and now I have this drawing of lady superheroes in menswear. Batgirl and female Thor seemed to make sense with recent announcements, and Kamala; well, Kamala is just awesome :)


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Apparently, when I draw superheroes, they just stand around and talk about their rad shoes?

I don't read much in the way of superhero books, but I love the new Batgirl design by Cameron Stewart/Babs Tarr, and the new Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman by Robbi Rodriguez. I love the combining of design elements from both Superhero design, and street gear.

Anyways, I thought I'd sketch the two of them. Somehow, I ended up with this.


I don't even know. I guess this is what you get from a guy who also wanted to draw Thor, but ended up having him pour coffee.

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Time for some Transistor fan art! Tranistor (PC, PS4), by Supergiant Games, is one of the coolest games I've played in a long time, and I just couldn't stop myself from doing some fan art. I also took the opportunity to do some more playing around with a new digital painting process. While I took a lot more care with this one (and added a number of additional effects), at its core, the process used here was very similar to this step-by-step I posted on my tumblr.

Here it is, presented in glorious 1080p, ready to be a wallpaper for your computer, tablet, or Playstation!


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