"C'mon, Joel! Enough lessons for today. Can't you just play me a song?"
"Alright, Ellie. You earned it - one song."



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I just read Descender, by Jeff Lemire and my friend Dustin Nguyen! It's fantastic so far, and you should check it out!


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Trying out some new techniques here. Sorta-anime greyscale drawing with painted background? I dunno – this was fun, tho!


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I've recently gotten into Bob's Burgers, and as it turns out, drawing things in a Bob's Burgers style is really fun! So, for the past couple weeks, I've been slowly drawing more and more Star Trek TNG characters (one of my favorite shows of all time) in Bob's Burgers style. I'm finally ready to call it done. Here we are!




CLICK HERE if you'd like a 1920×1080 version with all of the characters.

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I just read Marvel's new Silk #1, by Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, and Ian Herring, and it was great! Here's a little fan art!


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