Everybody else is watching Strip Search too, right? If not, do it! I love this show. Not only is my Periscope Studio lady-bro Erika Moen on it, but it's just plain wonderful seeing fellow cartoonists getting some limelight.

After watching a few episodes, I knew I wanted to draw some sort pf Strip Search fan art, although I wasn't sure in what form initially. Individual portraits? Just a couple favorite contestants? Fresh off watching Episode 8, I knew I wanted to draw Erika and Amy fist bumping, so that was the idea that sparked the drawing below. Even though they can be challenging to figure out compositionally, I love fighting game poster style character collages, and it seemed like the perfect template for a drawing that required fourteen people. Many Photoshop layers and multiple recomposings later, we have this! Hopefully, nobody is offended by the way I drew them.

12 Responses to “Strip Search Fan Art!”
  1. Jon says:

    Really, really nice :)

  2. ThinMan says:

    This flipping rocks.

  3. Jambe says:

    That's lovely.

  4. Siraea says:

    Oh man. Nice work! I'm a little freaked out by the fact that the way you drew Lexxy(?) (the girl at the front with the light brown hair, glasses, and red pants) looks a lot like me. :O Except in comic form.

  5. Holly Sh**. Thats awesome! :)

  6. Really, really nice :) ! I love it!

  7. Mise says:

    I like.  My interpretation of the picture:

    This is a story about Nick, who is played by an Eurasian Jackie Chan; he's this regular guy who's been sucked into some sort of criminal conspiracy orchestrated by Mike and Jerry.  Nick is aided in his quest to foil said conspiracy by his freewheeling superhero-ish buddies, Alex and Ty.  Abby is the love interest; Tavis is the old college buddy who occasionally supplies a couch to crash on.  Together with Amy and Erika (who have this subplot involving a dance competition) these characters represent, in the story, all the things that Nick is fighting for, the things which are being threatened by the big bad.  He occasionally has to lie to them to protect them, or so he thinks.  Katie and Monica are involved as witnesses: Katie is on the run and must be found before Mike and Jerry get to her, while Monica is possibly the one who first clues Nick in that something is amiss.  Mac is an enigmatic figure who has been spotted at more than one crime scene, often enough that his very presence anywhere is suspicious, possibly a herald of things to come.  Maki is similarly enigmatic, but more overtly dangerous.  He is possibly working for Mike and Jerry, or else pulling strings for the other side.  And Lexxy is the sassy reporter who helps Nick along in exchange for first dibs on the big scoop.

    I'm … I'm tempted to change the names and actually write this as its own story, only I don't know the first thing about creating believable criminal conspiracies.

  8. Ron Chan says:

    Holy crap, that is amazingly elaborate :D

  9. Be Glad I'm Not Khoo says:

    Is it just a coincidence that the three finalists are the three biggest heads in this comic? Or did you have INSIDE INFORMATION?

  10. Ron Chan says:

    I WISH. Moen cold stonewalled me when I tried to bribe her into telling me secrets! ;)

  11. gordo says:

    OMFG ronchan, I came accross your picure here by chance. Loved that show. This is so great!

  12. Andreas Swede says:

    This is sooooo good. Super cool!!!!

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